A cuddly toy!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make this cute little monster from an old towel.

- An old towel
- Stuffing
- Dried beans/lentils/peas
- Felt

1) Cut out all of the pieces you need (make them any shape you want!)
- body front back and bottom
- arm front and back x2
- ear front and back x2
- tail front and back x2
- eyes x2
- pupils x2
- smile

2) Applique the pupils onto the eyes then the eyes onto the body front. Applique the mouth on too.

3) Sew together the front and back of the ears and turn inside out.

4) Sew together the front and back of arms and turn inside out.

5) Sew together the front and back of the tail and turn inside out.

6) Stuff the ears, arms and tail.

7) Lie the back of the body right side up on the table. Place the arms and ears where you want them but point them inwards so that all of the raw edges line up. Place the front of the body right side down and sew around (hand stitching may be easier) leaving the bottom open. Now sew half of the bottom piece on.

8) Turn inside out and half fill with stuffing. Fill the rest with your beans! close up and you're done!

Cute huh?

Baked avocado

Today I tried something new: Baked egg and avocado. Super easy: half an avocado, remove the stone, put an egg in the hole top with cheese and bosh it in the oven for 20mins. It was super yum and the avocado tasted really different to when its raw.

Overall, nyom.


Look! I made napkins! They were super easy to make. I bought some fat quarters from my favourite fabric shop in the world: The Sewing Cafe, ironed them and hemmed them. Done! I also had a go at using fabric paint on some black fabric. The white paint worked loads better than the yellow stuff. I'm not sure if this is due to the brand or that I applied the white paint much thinner than the yellow. A thicker layer felt tacky even when dry and flaked a bit when I was hemming it. The moral is, use a brush!