I made a dress!!

It's super exciting! So basically I've made a few things from patterns so far and it hasn't gone so well... I made a skirt which was lovely, but looked terrible on, a shirt-dress that doesn't fit properly, a couple of really simple, weirdly stiff dresses. Anyway, I figured the things that I'm bad at is making a pattern fit me properly so I decided to take something that does fit properly and make a pattern from that! And it totally worked!

I made a pattern from a dress that I love by getting some plain lining paper, lying my dress on top of it then using a pin to trace out the pieces. then I added seam allowance and voila!

I made sure that it was a pretty simple pattern to copy and it was super speedy to make. Also, how pretty is the fabric? From the sewing cafe of course!

The fabric I used was cotton lawn which is much more lightweight than I normally sew with. It took a bit of getting used to as it's so slippy. In the end I used an overlock stitch as this caused the least bunching. I also hand stitched a blind hem on the skirt- it was tres easy and fun! This is the back:

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