Camera pod

I got a shiny new (second hand) dslr! Whoo! I've wanted one for years! Naturally I wanted to make my own case for it, and this is what I came up with. Instead of making a bag, I've made a pod that will fit into my normal bag. I hate carrying two.

As for how I made it:

1) Gather supplies! Wadding, outer fabric, lining fabric, ruler and pen. As ever, my fabric comes from the beautiful sewing cafe.
2) Put your camera on a piece of paper and decide how big you need to make your pod and thus each side.
3) Stack up the wadding until its thick enough for you (mine was 5 layers) and cut it to the right size. Sew the layers together.

4) Make a net for the cube and cut out the pieces for the outside.
5) Place right sides together and sew! Turn inside out and place the wadding inside. I made another bit of wadding covering half of the bottom to prop the lens of my camera up.6) Measure the inside of the pod and cut the pieces for the lining. Sew these together too, remembering to leave enough on to to go over the wadding and attach to the outer layer.
7) Now insert the zip! Take the outer and inner fabric for the lid, place right sides together and pin the zip around 3 edges for the fabric (teeth facing in). You'll need to snip the zip close to the corners so that it will go round the corners nicely. Sew it all together, flip it inside out and put the wadding in. Sew the lid onto the outer fabric of the base.8) Pin the bottom half of the zip into the base obviously making sure that it lines up with the lid when it's shut! This might take a while....9) Sew together and you're done! 



  1. Liz this is amazing! I am going to try to make a laptop case when I get home, based on your post :) I will send you a photo when done, guaranteed not to be as neat as yours!

    1. Sweeeet! The laptop case was pretty straight forward. The hardest bit is the zip. Grrrr! I look forward to seeing the pics!!! xxx