Drawing is fun (still!)

I am a massive fan of doing anything that is supposed to be for kids: building forts, plastic sword fights, piggy back rides...it's just so much more fun that being a grown up. I'm also a big fan of doing anything non screen based and free (it's a super eco friendly hobby!)! Drawing is one of those things that kids do all the time, but unless you're an artist you probably don't do it as an adult, which is a bit poo because it's super fun! If you are pants at drawing then make 'modern art' and giggle at it and if you're awesome it gives you a chance to feel a little bit smug. I just like how you can spend hours entertained by only a pen and a piece of paper!

p.s. This is supposed to be the Sacre-Ceour in Paris (can you tell? :s)

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