pencil case making

So, pencil cases are well easy to make and super satisfying because you use them all the time! All you need is some fabric of your choice and a zip. I used oil cloth for mine as it's sturdy and wipe-able (it always makes me sad when I get pen marks on the inside of my pencil case!). This is how I made it...

- 2 rectangles of fabric
- 4 x end pieces of fabric
- zip

1) Decide on what shape you want the end of your pencil case to be. Cut out 4 pieces this shape + 1.5cm on each edge seam allowance.
2) Measure the perimeter of the original shape. This is the length of your rectangles. The width is the length of your zip. Add 1.5cm seam allowance onto each side again.
3) Fold over the seam allowance (wrong sides together) on the short ends of your big rectangles and pin in place.
4) Take one of the big rectangles and pin the long side around the perimeter of the end piece (right sides together). Do the same with the other long side. Now sew! I found it easier to hand stitch these. Repeat with the other rectangle to make the lining. You may want to leave a slightly bigger seam allowance so that it doesn't crinkle when you put it in.
5) Trim off the seam excess and turn the bigger piece right side out. Place the lining into the outer layer.
6) Pin the zip into place so that each side of it is sandwiched between the inner and outer layers.
7) Sew! with a funky contrasting colour thread.

Easy peasy!

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