Beany Splats

Super tasty, beany falafel recipe adapted from Jamie's 15 minute meals


For the splats:
- Can of mixed beans (it's fine if they're in tomato sauce- I think it makes it yummier, drain it off first though)
- Can of chickpeas (drained)
- Lemon zest
- 1/2 a chili
- 2tsp allspice
- 1 tbsp plain flour
- Bunch of fresh corriander

For the fun bits:
- Some spring onions
- A pepper or two
- Some mushrooms

- Salad
- Red pepper humous
- Wraps
- Cheese (grated/crumbled)

1) Blend the ingredients for the splats in a food processor (chop up the chilli first!)
2) Fry up the fun bits. Put them in a bowl.
3) Dollop 1tbsp size splats into the frying pan. Flip them when crispy.
4) Chop your salad
5) Build your super yummy wrap!


  1. I'm totally going to make this this weekend. Nom!

  2. Yay! It's super well tasty. David makes me cook it for him every other week!